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  • Setup fee: $0
  • Maximum cars: Demo only
  • Maximum users: 1
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$85 month

  • Setup fee: $550
  • Maximum cars: 60
  • Maximum users: 5
  • Multiple location*
  • Unlimited Storage
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Feature Comparison

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Setup fee $0 $550 $950
Maximum cars Demo only 60 Unlimited
Maximum users 1 5 5
Location Single Multiple* Multiple*
Storage Capacity
NA Unlimited Unlimited
Window card,
Fuel Economy card,
VOSA(Sale agreement)
Purchase orders & Invoicing
Document library
VIR integration x
Facebook plugin ** x
Trademe integration x
Autostock listing integration x
Test drive module *** x x
API integration *** x x
XERO integration ***
x x

$0 month

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$85 month

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$120 month

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* All prices are GST exclusive
* Monthly price is per location
* Maximum cars means available cars in the system at any point of time.
** There is an extra setup fee required and extra charge per month.
*** These modules are available only for premium version and would be charged extra per month