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We are a 100% Kiwi owned company. We believe in creating software products that give the end users a unique experience. With several years of experience in the software industry and the Automotive dealership business, we strongly believe the industry needs concurrent and updated technology that is cost effective, saves time, and is efficient and user friendly.

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Why Choose Us

  • Minimal entries and reduce manual error
  • Create documents within seconds
  • Tasks and notifications to keep updated
  • Key Performance Indicator reports
sales feature

Making sales in seconds

Selling documentations, Multiple Selling prices, Manage Tradein sales, Vir Reports, Mr13c Integration

Test Drive

Test drive from scanning Driver license

Scan driving license on the fly with OCR, Add customer by scanning the driving license, Update locations with smart phone app, Scan documents and upload

Digital signature

Digital signing

Go paperless, Signing on phone, tablet or any device.


Our integration partners

Xero, Trademe, Autostock, Autoplay, Autotrader, Autohub, DaveyJapan, Nichibo, Heiwa, Nikkyo, SBL Many more..

Our integrations

Next level dealer management software for car dealerships

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