Vehicle Management

  • Very powerful vehicle Search
  • Record comprehensive vehicle information
  • Maximum 20 photos against a vehicle
  • Automatic vehicle import from prominent vehicle suppliers (Currently: Heiwa, Nichibo, Nikkyo, SBL, DaveyJapan, more coming soon)
  • Automatic update of shipping information and additional photos from Freight companies (Currently: Jacanna, more coming soon)
  • Vehicle photo management to make photo public/private
  • Integration with Fuelsaver, Print fuelsaver card
  • Print window card & Vehicle card with one click
  • Record Retail, Wholesale and Special pricing with the knowledge of vehicle cost
  • Add estimate cost from predefined costs as cost template
  • Automatic allocate actual cost from the purchase invoices
  • Intelligent Trademe integration through dealerbase, autostock & autotrader
  • Integration to own website
  • Free listings on autostock marketplace platform(Limited time offer)
  • Various levels of security roles to protect your data

Purchases and Sales

  • Purchase order in multiple currencies
  • Allow amount limit to raise purchase order
  • Purchase Order approval system
  • Purchase invoice approval system
  • Automatic allocate cost against vehicles for vehicle related costs
  • Make payment to Invoices
  • Batch invoices payment
  • Allocate & Unallocate payments
  • Retail vehicle sale invoice and print VOSA
  • Wholesale vehicle sale, print and invoice wholesale invoice
  • Other invoice options for non vehicle items

Document Library

  • Maintain library of documents
  • Attach documents to any vehicle
  • Attach documents to any Invoice such as Vehicle sale agreement & Loan documents
  • Attach documents to any Party(Customer/Supplier)
  • Conveniently upload the documents by emailing
  • Digital signing of any document( coming soon...)


  • Vehicle cost report with estimate and actual columns
  • Vehicle profit/loss report in a given period
  • Sales report in a given period
  • Stocktake report with value of total stock per location

Plus many more features. If you like to know more about the application please contact us.

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